Robotization strikes hard…

The entire job market will be on fire soon. The key to durable employability is developing one’s creativity. This book explains straight forward how to do so. And, good to know: it’s loved for it’s entertaining tone of voice.

cropped-schermafbeelding-2018-08-31-om-11-52-07Scientists say half the work we do could soon be done by robots. The other half of our labor is changing rapidly. All this makes durable employability the number one challenge for employers and employees. Creativity is the key skill that keeps employees relevant on the job market.

So, what do you prefer? Being creative or being jobless? In Creativity Works! the authors explain what creativity is and why we are less creative than we would like to be (blame it on our brains and the way we were treated as kids at school). In this book you’ll discover that creativity is so much more than you always thought it is and that everybody can make fast progression in the domain. Creativity Works! gives you great instructions on successfully inventing, prototyping and selling great ideas, solutions and concepts. A seriously fun reading experience that will help you to increase your employability. Let’s beat the robot and work happily ever after!