Spotted! – Curaçao, 7869 km from where we are. Thank you Laura Buursen. Have fun on the beach!


Spotted in the press!

Management Team, a dutch website on business topics, has released an interview with the two of us.

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Spotted in the press!

Patrick Petersen, well known dutch author of  het Handboek Online Marketing has published a review of Creativity Works!

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Spotted in the press!

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Spotted! – in Utrecht, 84 kms from where we are. Thank you Tatiana Bastiaanse!



Spotted – 35 kms from where we are by Lieke, Klokgebouw Eindhoven – Dutch Design Week. Thank you Lieke!


Spotted – 76 kms form where we are by Lotte, in a nice bookstore in Antwerp. Thank you Lotte!

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Spotted in a News article from the University of the authors. In dutch, we’re sorry if you don’t understand. May be you can find a robot that translates :)?

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